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Grant's Law Sit-In on April 8th

The BC Federation of Labour Young Workers’ Committee will be holding Annual Grant’s Law Sit-Ins in Victoria and Vancouver. The event is held to call for improved health and safety protections for late night workers.

Following the tragic death of Grant De Patie in 2005 in a gas and dash in Maple Ridge, Grant’s family and the BC Federation of Labour called for strengthened protections for those who work alone and at night. New laws were put in place but due to lobbying by big money corporations, parts of the law were rarely enforced and eventually removed by the Clark government.

Each year workers return to Mac's, one of the companies that lobbied for the weakened law, to call on the BC Government to return the protections and to ensure that similar tragedies do not occur. This year as we head into a provincial election, the call carries additional significance as the event will occur one month before voters have a chance to head to the polls.

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