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"The American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) is a trade association which represents more than 160 public port authorities in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and Latin America."


"The Association of Canadian Port Authorities (ACPA) is the Association for advocacy and advancement of the Canadian Port Industry."


" is the only business-to-business Web site devoted solely to the breakbulk and project-cargo industry, presented by the Journal of Commerce."

British Columbia Maritime Employers Association
"The British Columbia Maritime Employers Association (BCMEA) is an unaccredited employers association currently consisting of sixty-eight (68) member companies."

Coal Association of Canada

"The Coal Association of Canada represents companies engaged in the exploration, development, use and transportation of coal."

Containerization International
"ci-online aims to provide industry executives with instant access to high quality, real-time business information."

Infrastructure Canada

Government of Canada department with "a focal point ... on infrastructure issues and programs through the Building Canada plan."

The Journal of Commerce Online

"The Journal of Commerce Online is a valuable, interactive business tool for industry experts who require a resource that will give them the information they need to meet their business goals. Visitors will find breaking news, analysis, sailing schedules, logistics tools, market data, links, and more."

Lloyd's List

"Lloyd's List has been informing and guiding the thinking of business leaders and decision-makers the world over. Two and a half centuries later, the culture that spawned the provision of expert, authoritative coverage of the global shipping markets is as strong as ever."

Lloyd's MUI

"The ONLY integrated website in the market today which gives you detailed and up-to-date vessel data (movements, ownership, characteristics and casualties), port information AND in-depth company information (credit reports). 

The Shipping Federation of Canada
"The voice of shipowners and agents involved in Canada's overseas trade."

Transport Canada
"Transport Canada is responsible for transporation policies and programs."


The Western Transportation Advisory Council (WESTAC) is an influential, non-profit association of key transportation organizations, represented by senior business, labour and government decision-makers."

World Cargo News
"World Cargo News is the leading resource for international cargo professionals."

World Coal Institute

"The World Coal Institute is a global industry association comprising the major international coal producers and stakeholders."

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