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Local 517 has a combination of Standing, Ad hoc, and Executive-appointed Committees.

Click the icon to download a PDF list of the Executive Board, Shop Stewards, and Committees.


Current Standing Committees (in alphabetical order)


Communication - Shares important information with the membership, develops and implements educational programs, promote the benefits of the Union, and increases transparency by providing updates on labour relations matters in a timely manner.

Members - Krista Constantineau, Lisa Fox, Elsa Langill, Taleen Tchakedjian*, , Maryann Treffers

Grievance - Receives and vets grievances on behalf of the union and assists members in navigating the grievance processes outlined in Article 10 of the Collective Agreement.

Members - Kevin Ball, Kristina Basto*, TJ Janz, Candace McLellan, Doug Mills*, Shane Pittman, Vilius Uloza

Flexible and Remote Work - Gathers information from members regarding flexible work arrangements during the current COVID-19 pandemic and towards the development of VFPA’s Work from Home policy.

Members -  Candace McLellan, Anastasia Ovodova, Shane Pittman, Colleen Wickstrom

Job Evaluation - Works with their management counterparts to rate positions in our organization in order to ensure fair compensation.

Members - Ken Berglund, Candace McLellan, Gary Olszewski*, Anastasia Ovodova, Vilius Uloza, Heather Watson

Nominations & Elections - Facilitates any nominations and elections processes required at the local, regional, or international level for 517 members, and ensures that said processes are carried out in accordance with the governing constitution and bylaws.

Members - Stephen Burtenshaw* (Maintenance), Kim Drinkwater (10K), Jeff Marshall (CP Ops), Jenny Bugayong (10k), Shane Pittman (16K)

Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) Policy - Develops the VFPA’s OH&S Policy in compliance with Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) regulations.

Members - James Hoffele, Darcy Lesueur, Fred Levinsky, Vilius Uloza

Respect in the Workplace - Joint union-management committee responsible for promoting an environment free from harassment and discrimination by making employees aware of behaviours that may be considered discriminatory or harassing.

Members - Wendy Clayford, Michael Macfarlane, Gerry Marino, Jennifer Tyler

Safety - Discusses, resolves, and ensures issues of health and safety in our work environment are in accordance with Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) regulations and pursuant to the VFPA’s OH&S Policy.

Members - Kevin Ball (Boat Crew), Ritch Haselhan, Ray Leung, Gerry Marino*, Jeff Marshall, Vijay Rajan

Sunshine - Brings “light” to members experiencing an unpleasant or tragic event such as sickness, injury, or loss of family member through cards or flower delivery when appropriate.

Members - Tanya Hawke, Elsa Langill, Betty Perverzov*

Current Ad hoc and Executive-appointed Committees

Constitution - Composed on ad-hoc basis for the purpose of reviewing the Constitution for required updating and amendments.

Members - Tim Blair, Stephen Burtenshaw, Doug Mills, Wallace Oyama, Shane Pittman*

Defined Benefit - Meets with management approximately once per year to review the status of the VFPA Defined Benefit Pension Plan.

Members - Cannie Deng

Defined Contribution - Meets with management approximately once per year to review the status of the VFPA Defined Contribution Plan (Group RRSP).

Members - Gavin Beaudin-Ball, Troy Gebhart

Employment Equity - Promotes, reviews, communicates, and advocates for the employment equity plan.

Members - Wendy Clayford, Darcy Lesueur, Jennifer Tyler

Individual Incentive Program Dispute Resolution - Gathers feedback from the bargaining unit regarding the Individual Incentive Bonus Program, including any issues, disputes, disagreements and/or appeals relating to the Program.

Members - Noel Allison, James Hoffele

Joint - The Joint Union-Management Committee.

Members - Wendy Clayford, Darcy Lesueur, Doug Mills, Gary Olszewski

*Denotes Committee Chair or Co-chair.

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