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Shop Stewards

Shop stewards are members of our local who represent and protect the interests and rights of the membership and act as a liaison between the union and management.


Shop stewards are available to assist members in understanding their rights and in the handling of grievances at Step 1. At the employee’s request, a Shop Steward may attend a conduct and discipline meeting between an employee and management. 


Per our By-Laws, Shop Stewards shall be elected on the job in the month of November on a job and area basis as appropriate for the existing work situation. 

Current Shop Stewards, by bargaining unit

Fraser Surrey Docks 

Diane Ward

Nanaimo Port Authority

Brad Lytle

Gerrit Keizer

Port Alberni Port Authority

Angie Taylor

Squamish Terminals

Colleen Stankevich

Vancouver Fraser Port Authority

Janice Hunt

TJ Janz

Maryann Treffers

Gerry Marino

Kevin Ball

Jeff Marshall

Marcel De Vries

Catherine D'Ally

Alycia Majorkiewicz-Ata

Ankit Joshi

Lisa Fox

Westshore Terminals

Gina Gray

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