ILWU Local 517 (C.L.C.)

PO Box 28164

RPO West Pender

Vancouver, BC CANADA

V6C 3T7

Executive Board

Per our Constitution and By-Laws, Local 517's Executive Board is comprised of 9 elected positions, each holding a two-year term.


The positions of President, 2nd Vice President, Recording Secretary and Even-year Trustee are elected on even calendar years, and the positions of 1st Vice President, Secretary Treasurer, Membership Trustee and Odd-year Trustee are elected on odd calendar years.

Current Executive Board Members

President Vacant


1st Vice President Darcy Lesueur

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2nd Vice President Wendy Clayford

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Financial Secretary Troy Gebhart

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Recording Secretary Shane Pittman

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Membership Trustee Taleen Tchakedjian

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Even-year Trustee Jennifer Tyler

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Odd-year Trustee Gary Olszewski

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