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The local's Annual General Meeting was held November 6. Read on to see what happened.


Membership News

New members sworn-in include:

  • Aliana Slot, Indigenous Consultation Advisor (perm)

  • Darcy Paslawski, Environmental Specialist – Project & Process Review (rep term)

  • Karen Rendek, Senior Planner (perm)

  • Katie Rigter, Project Delivery Coordinator – Infrastructure Division (perm)

  • Berit Berting, Administrative Assistant – Environment, Community & Government Affairs Division (perm)

  • Karen Neilson, Indigenous Consultation Advisor (perm)

  • Adam Bernstein, Facilities Patrol Officer (rep term)

Executive Board Election Results

Darcy Lesueur acclaimed in two year term as 1st Vice President

Troy Gebhart acclaimed in two year term as Secretary Treasurer

Taleen Tchakedjian acclaimed in two year term as Membership Trustee

Gary Olszewski acclaimed in two year term as Odd-Year-Trustee

Financial Report

For report details, please see Secretary Treasurer Troy Gebhart.

Committee Reports

Sunshine: Report provided by Betty Perverzov.

Safety: Report provided by Wendy Clayford (obo Doug Mills). Topics included: Training, OHS Committee Audit, Policy Sub Group, Young Workers (grade 9 student day), Contractor Check, Electrical Safety Program, Loan Worker and Fire Concerns.

Grievance: Report provided by Darcy Lesueur. Proceeding to 2nd step for Maintenance Contracting Out grievance.

Job Evaluation: Report provided by Shane Pittman. The fall session was held October 8-9 and 11 jobs were reviewed. The results were finalized on November 6.

Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP): Nothing to report.

Communications: Report provided by Taleen Tchakedjian. Great turnout at the Fall Social on October 18, 2019. "Benefits 101" session was held in October 8.

Nominations & Elections: Report provided by Steve Burtenshaw. There is a desire to add two other Trustee positions to the existing Union Executive. This will require a Constitutional change, and there will be additional information forthcoming about this process. In response to the recent resignation of our President, Mandy Chan, the committee will meet to determine a suitable time for elect her replacement. The possible use of the Simply Voting platform was also discussed. Standing Committee Elections to occur under New Business; Shop Stewards will be elected on the job this month.

Individual Incentive Program: Report provided by Darcy Lesueur, reminding members that this program is not tied to performance in any way.

Constitution: Nothing to report.

Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) Policy: Nothing to report.

Joint Union Management (JUM) Meeting News

Topics included: Headcount for 2020, International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Office Space, Education Leave, OT Bank for Shift Workers, Presentation from I.S.

Outside Operations

Topics included: Update from Westshore and the Outcome of the ICTSI Trial.

Old Business

Topics included: Expansion of the Union Executive and Electronic Voting.

New Business

Topics included: Potential Transit Work Stoppage, Winter School 2020, Holiday Gift Cards, Labour Code Changes, Labour Law Review and 2019-2020 Committee Elections. Results from the Committee Elections have been published to our Committees page.

Good & Welfare

Thanks to Mandy Chan for her contributions as President.

The monthly draw winner was Darcy Lesueur.

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