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What you missed: AGM

The local's Annual General Meeting was held November 1. Read on to see what happened!


Membership News

Marianne Gilbert, Environmental Specialist - Project Review and Development (term), was sworn-in.

Executive Board Election Results

Darcy Lesueur acclaimed in two year term as 1st Vice President

Celia George acclaimed in two year term as Secretary Treasurer

Sarah Pilgrim acclaimed in two year term as Membership Trustee

Troy Gebhart was sworn-in to two year term as Odd-Year-Trustee

Financial Report

For report details, please see Secretary Treasurer Celia George.

Committee Reports

Sunshine: Report provided by Betty Perverzov.

Safety: Report provided by Gerry Marino. Topics included: Violence in the Workplace training, Automobile Directive, Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), Near Misses, and Canada Place parkade.

Grievance: Report provided by Linda Wilson. Presently there are no grievances at 2nd Step.

Job Evaluation: Report provided by Shane Pittman. The fall session was held October 18-19 and 12 jobs were reviewed: 5 new positions, 5 significant changes, 1 appeal, and 1 five-year review. The Committee will meet again on November 10 to finalize results.

Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP): Nothing to report.

Communications: Report provided by Taleen Tchakedjian. Great turnout at the Fall Social on October 13, 2017. Food, beverage and prizes came in under budget. Annual swag inventory report will be given next month. Next "Union 101" session will be held in November, date TBA.

Nominations & Elections: Report provided by Steve Burtenshaw. Standing Committee Elections to occur under New Business; Shop Stewards will be elected on the job this month.

Individual Incentive Program: Report provided by Darcy Lesueur, reminding members that end of year meetings with managers will be coming up soon.

Constitution: Nothing to report.

Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) Policy: Next meeting is scheduled for Friday, November 3, 2017.

Joint Union Management (JUM) Meeting News

Topics included: Maintenance Coordinator position, Mediation session held October 31, Bill C-23 update. For additional information about the topics raised at JUM, please speak to a member of the Executive.

Outside Operations

Topics included: Drug and Alcohol Policies introduced at Fraser Surrey Docks and Squamish Terminals.

Old Business

Topics included: Administration of the Bud Smith Scholarship and upcoming VDLC Courses.

New Business

Topics included: Winter School 2018, Christmas Gifts, and 2017-2018 Committee Elections. Results from the Committee Elections have been published to our Committees page.

Good & Welfare

The monthly draw winner was Steve Davis.

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