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Working While Black Webinar Series

On February 13, 2017 in honour of Black History Month, the Canadian Labour Congress is launching “Working While Black”, an educational and interactive webinar series for workers of colour and allies. The series will celebrate the contributions of Black activists and organizers in Canada, strengthen solidarity across movements, and build skills and knowledge for confronting anti-Black racism in workplaces and communities today. Participants will be able to engage with speakers and share lived experiences with each other. By the end of the series, participants will have developed tools and strategies that work towards our goal: building workplaces and communities that are inclusive and free from racism and discrimination. Webinar #1: Anti-Black Racism and Labour (English only) February 13, 4pm - 5pm PST Register: Webinar #2: Recognizing Systemic Barriers and Work (English only) February 22, 4pm - 5pm PST Register: Webinar #3: Collective and Community Organizing (English only) February 27, 4pm - 5pm PST Register: Webinar #4: Working While Black (French only) February 28, 4pm – 5pm PST Register: Register by February 12, 2017


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