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14th annual Cycling for Seafarers - June 25-August 28

Show your support for seafarers!

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This summer’s Cycling for Seafarers will continue to focus on riding while social distancing, exploring new places to cycle around the Lower Mainland, and showing support for the seafarers’, essential workers.

Compete with your friends and colleagues or do your personal best:

• Who cycles the greatest cumulative distance this summer?

• Who takes the funniest picture?

• Who raises the most money?

(Share your accomplishments on Strava and our Facebook page and website.)

While the event will be different, the goals for funding have taken on a new level of significance for isolated seafarers. Your fundraising support will enable the Mission to Seafarers to continue to provide good shore-based facilities and on-ship support to all seafarers.

Visit: to register.


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